Salesforce – Customer Engagement Group - (CEG)


The customer is a leading provider of data, network, cloud and mobile IT solutions for businesses and government agencies in US. They provide customized, integrated and managed communications solutions for enterprise customers. By converging all communications over a proprietary network, our client enables enterprise companies to easily deploy and manage technology-driven voice, data, wireless and cloud solutions nationwide. Combining customized and managed communication solutions with a powerful platform of cloud-based software, the company’s portal enables customers to manage their inventory, usage, spend and repairs from one simple, user friendly interface


The customer’s “Client Engagement Group” [CEG], as part of their duties are required to create, manage and keep track of all meetings they attend with their clients and prospects. There was a need to integrate such an interface into their Salesforce instance, thereby retaining centralization of the data captured. The specific objective of our engagement was to enable the customer’s “Client Engagement Group” to easily track and log critical client meetings and update client data efficiently via Tablet (iPad/Surface) optimized and PC compatible interface. The system would need to be able to Create meetings, capture all meeting related information attendees, minutes, questionnaire responses and actions agreed.


As the CEG members are usually on the move, it was necessary that the portal be usable easily across different devices like a tablet or phone, in addition to using it on a laptop or PC. Our customer had an existing instance of Salesforce Classic in use which did not necessarily lend itself to a good user experience when accessed on a mobile device. The implementation needed to be done on Salesforce’s new lightning experience and  integrated seamlessly into their existing system, whilst being a PC compatible and responsive user interface. It was imperative for the users to have a truly seamless and customized experience of the portal & the meetings system when used within their salesforce instance.


We implemented the solution as a Package and Distributable Lightning solution, where we used the Salesforce Lightning App Builder to create Lightning Components and Lightning Pages which allowed us to quickly build and distribute domain specific Lightning Solutions to jump-start with new capabilities. Further, we used the Lightning Community template and flow category to build the solution. We created this as Single-page app that allowed us to us to drill down into standard pages. 


• Increased productivity for CEG members to effectively track and update meetings on the go.
• Seamless transition from desktop to mobile.
• It facilitated with a Lightning-powered app that is comparatively fast and easier to use and build
• Allowed CEG users to access the fully responsive salesforce application module from their device like Desktop and Mobile
• On the technical front, this solution allows us to Build faster with fewer lines of code.

Technology Used

We used the Salesforce Lightning App Builder for this solution, which includes the following components: 

• Lightning Components for reusability, 

• lightning pages, 

• Flow Component for Email Notifications 

• Lightning Process Builder.