Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics empowers organisations to make more informed decisions, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and uncover new growth opportunities while focusing on their core business objectives. vSaaS Global collects, processes, and analyses vast amounts of data on behalf of clients, offering scalable solutions that adapt to changing business needs. This approach benefits clients by reducing upfront costs, eliminating the complexities of managing complex data systems and accelerating the time-to-insight.

Our Approach

Get Data In

Your data could reside in disparate data sources – multiple databases, externally hosted systems, emails, text files, log files, social media sites or IOT devices. vSaaS Global can design appropriate integration mechanisms to handle data ingestion.

Ensure Data Quality

Mistaken decisions from inaccurate data analysis are made daily. vSaaS Global prioritises meticulous data scrubbing, transformation, validation, and gap identification. Our analytics work hinges on this crucial phase, ensuring reliable data analysis.

Manage Meta Data

Amid regulatory compliance and security demands, precise data governance is vital. Tracking master sources, version control, auditing, approval workflows, and change propagation are intricate yet essential.

Understanding the Problem

We grasp the pain point and goal, framing the problem before working backwards. Analysing parameters, forces, and impacts guide variable determination and model selection. vSaaS Global excels in various models, including linear regression, logistic regression, Naïve Bayes, Cohort Analysis, Decile Analysis, Propensity Analysis, and Sentiment Analysis.

Test and Fine Tune

Model results must be accurate and reliable in data analytics, a distinct challenge from testing standard business applications. Unlike verifying expected outputs, predictive models lack such benchmarks. To ensure quality, we iteratively simulate with historical data, calculate errors, and recalibrate until the desired accuracy and precision are achieved.

Visualise results

Understanding complex mathematical models and results is time-consuming and impractical. Effective communication through proper visualisation is paramount. Whether a scorecard, word cloud, or correlation matrix, at vSaaS Global, simplicity and clarity take precedence.

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