About the company

vSaaS Global is an exclusive IT consulting enterprise renowned for delivering avant-garde solutions tailored to the distinct needs of Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), and Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). Our meticulously crafted solutions are fashioned to yield tangible business outcomes fortified by actionable insights.

vSaaS Global has excelled under the visionary leadership of Ghanshyam Ahuja, who presently assumes the mantle of Group CEO, supported by his initial cohort of investors and mentors. Drawing upon an extensive 25+ years of progressive corporate experience, encompassing roles in esteemed organisations such as Deloitte and Cognizant, Ghanshyam is not only an entrepreneur and seasoned investor but a firm advocate of collaborative synergy.

In its ongoing trajectory, vSaaS Global remains committed to embarking on a path of strategic expansion through investments, acquisitions, and collaborative ventures. This pursuit is guided by a shared ethos with like-minded, forward-thinking entrepreneurs and organisations driven by innovation and an unwavering commitment to growth.

Innovation is at the heart of our solutions. We use cutting-edge technologies and creative strategies to solve complex problems and deliver sustainable growth and success.


Our mission is to empower organisations across all verticals with data-driven IT consulting solutions that transcend traditional boundaries. We are dedicated to enabling CIOs, CMOs, and CFOs to make informed decisions that drive tangible business outcomes. We aim to catalyse positive change and growth in every sector we serve through innovation, expertise, and collaboration.


Our vision is to be the premier IT consulting firm renowned for pioneering innovation, domain-specific expertise, and actionable insights. We envision a future where organisations harness the full potential of technology to achieve unparalleled success by setting new benchmarks for excellence.

Our Values

E – Ethics

L – Leadership

I – Innovation

T – Transparency

E – Excellence

Management Team Members

Ghanshyam Ahuja

Advisor- Strategy & Sales Operations

Kaustuv Dasgupta

Vice President (Projects & Operations)

Neha Gadkari

Manager - Group HR & Operations

Mohan Nair

Director, Congruent Solutions UK

Hariharan Ganesan

Senior Manager (Projects & Quality)

Manish Pratap

Growth Strategy & Execution

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