Our client is a Texas-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) delivering High Speed Internet and Voice Services throughout North Texas and Central Texas to residential, business, K12 Education, and government customers. The company uses fixed wireless technology to deliver voice and data services.


Our customer runs huge call centres to support their clients’ operations. With a need to handle high volumes of daily calls and satisfy a long list of key performance metrics, call centre supervisors and agents needed easy access to pertinent information to identify trouble spots and address operational issues before they negatively impact revenue. Hence the objective was to develop real time dashboards that provide comprehensive overview of contact centre activities.


The customer was using NetSapiens, a popular Unified Communications Platform, for managing their call centre operations. Hence, Congruent’ s solution needed to collate data by integrating with this product. The expectation was to have the dashboards display live on huge TV screens and have them refresh automatically at micro-second intervals. Hence super performance of the data extraction and aggregation solution was a critical factor to success.


Congruent designed a custom extraction, aggregation and publishing solution using NodeJS, to pull data for every call centre queue, aggregate it for further analysis and also publish it on Redis store for immediate consumption. While the live dashboards used the Redis data, deep-dive dashboards used the aggregated data on MongoDB. The dashboards themselves were developed on Angular and provided timely and easy access to relevant information, with visible alerts when configurable thresholds are hit. The live dashboards tracked metrics such as Call Volume, Calls Abandoned, Calls that went to voice mail, Average talk time and SLA compliance.


Using the live dashboards with real time alerts, managers were able to identify alarming trends and initiate action, before they turned into larger problems that impact customer satisfaction and revenue.