Our customer specializes in providing custom direct mail, print and digital marketing solutions for Real Estate Brokers and Agents. They are part of a billion dollar conglomerate specializing in personalized designed and branded short-run products and services. The unique feature of their products and services are that they are easy to use yet also meet the personalization and customization needs demanded by their successful clientele who are focused on getting leads, closing listings and keeping clients for life.


The project was for creating an ecommerce storefront that would enable the group companies to cross sell and upsell their products to their customer base. Off-the-shelf ecommerce products were not suitable because of the level of customization required at every level such as group company, product category and agent office.


The site had to support a product 63000 product categories. Also, some of the product could be bundled and sold, in which case the category would again change. Further, there are over 12,000 taxing jurisdictions throughout the US and an order could comprise of products sourced from different vendors with different jurisdictions. Add to this 100,000+ rules, rates, and boundary changes annually, which is tedious work in terms of compliance and tracking. The challenge was to provide a seamless solution to address these challenges without manual effort


In order to find a reliable solution for the tax related challenges, Congruent recommended to use the leading cloud based tax compliance solution Avalara AvaTax™ which in real-time calculates the Judiciary, State & County Taxes at the time of cart checkout. As each Product in the site had a unique tax code and could be fulfilled at different vendor places, we created Avalara transaction for each vendor group in the cart and each transaction could accommodate multiple product types in it. AvaTax API’s transactions were classified into SalesInvoice and SalesOrder. SalesOrder : While creating SalesOrder, temporary transaction will get generated and used to get the tax estimates. SalesInvoice: While creating SalesInvoice, permanent transaction will get generated and can be used for Tax Filing. For each transaction, following details were submitted to Avalara:  Unique Order Id  Valid Ship From Address  Valid Ship To Address  Order total  Shipping Amount  Handling Amount  Discount Amount (If Applicable) Since the From and To Addresses play a critical part in tax computation, they were validated using UPS (United Parcel Service) integration and end user had the ability to correct incorrect address during the checkout.

Life Cycle

Our solution also included a reconciliation process to handle subsequent order adjustments, cancellations and returns. Thus, any Avalara transaction could be modified in the following ways:


Technology Used

AvaTax v2 SDK, MYSQL, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, NodeJS