Data Lake, Tableau - Customer Analytics


Our Client is a Cloud B2B software product company that primarily caters to projectdriven organizations. They offer Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software integrated with Financials to help organizations that need to reliably plan, track and manage projects and people. The Project ERP software is an integrated system to address resource management, budgeting & forecasting, project management, timesheets, expense reports, project accounting, billing, workforce collaboration, CRM and financials with cost pool calculations. 


To overcome the issues, Customer launched an initiative to build a single source of truth
of their customer data that provides full visibility of all their touch points. It was
proposed to build analytics solutions using the consolidated data to
 Enhance customer experience leading to customer retention and revenue
 Provide visibility and access to required & accurate customer data to all their


The Solution needed to collate customer information from several sources such as different Oracle databases of their product and from different applications such as HubSpot, Salesforce and Fresh desk. The solution had to be capable of handling heavy data volumes of 1.3M usage data records per day. The visualizations should be simple, intuitive and facilitate analysis on multiple parameters. 


Congruent suggested an approach using Oracle Data Lake and Tableau 2019.
Congruent designed a robust and extensible data hub framework comprising of three
critical components:
 A custom ELT tool with pluggable subscriber and publisher adaptor architecture –
Custom subscriber adaptors were developed for each of the data sources, to pull
data from the data origin systems, using interfaces such as REST API, database
access or screen scraping
 Central Data Hub – to store the collected data in raw format, harmonize the data,
deliver the data for further consumption
 Integration with external data sources such as Zoominfo to validate and update
critical customer data
The solution was architected to be extensible, so as to support retiring of current data
sources and addition of new sources.
Congruent created several dashboards using Tableau 2019 to analyze customer
engagement, risks, churn, product usage, user threshold limit reach and referenceability.
Custom code was developed for algorithms implementation and calculations. Customer
had the options for analyzing across dimensions such as Customer Service
Representatives, Tiers, Product, Timelines etc.,